the truth is out there

few things feel as good as the purging of dead weight.

sometimes it might make me sad. but I am light.

you wont hold me back anymore.

I believe I have the most beautiful best friend in the whole world.

“I know simply that the sky will last longer than I.”

—   Albert Camus 

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The things I would do…

I demand that the human race ceases multiplying its kind and bow out I advise it

And as punishment & reward for making this plea I know I’ll be reborn the last human

Everybody else dead and I’m an old woman roaming the earth groaning in caves sleeping on mats

And sometimes I’ll crackle, sometimes pray, sometimes cry, eat, & cook at my little stove in the corner ‘Always knew it anyway,’ I’ll say And one morning I won’t get up from my mat

—   Poem by Jack Kerouac

OKAY I really hate to rant…. but why do people pay to go to college if they are going to spend 90% of their time complaining about their work loads, papers due, how they have a “life” outside of class, and how teachers should give them less work because of that… If you don’t do the work you won’t learn. If you don’t learn you might as well flush your tuition down the the damn toilet. Drop out already, please. Or Shut up. I know plenty of people who would kill to be in your shoes.

I am attracted to men based on how much they remind me of Danny Zuko.

Last night, right before bed, I received a text from my dad letting me know my grandmother had passed away. This is the woman I am named after, the woman I barely got to know, the woman I selfishly never made the time to visit with since January because I was too busy. She died peacefully in her sleep after a surgery, she was drugged up and alone, and I should have visited her. She spent the beginning of her life living with an angry abusive man, and the end of it taking care of him. My aunt held a stubborn grudge against her until her very last day. She never went to visit her while she was sick. 

This morning I wake up to calls from my grandmother, letting me know her sister had passed away this morning. Some people may not consider this a big deal, but my Aunt Dottie lived with my grandmother and myself for many years. She had a hand in raising me, she was always there when needed. She also spent a lot of her life taking care of a man who didn’t care. Watching over her ungrateful children. I should have spent more time with her during her final days.

Its not fair. I wish I could give them another chance. I wish I could make them young and alive again, able to relive the good things. And undo the mistakes they made. Life is too goddamn short. Don’t waste it, because the most unexpected things can happen at any moment.

Elisabeth George and Dorothy Whipple, you will be greatly missed.

“There was an old woman, and what do you think? She lived upon nothing but victuals and drink; Victuals and drink were the whole of her diet, And yet this old woman would NEVER be quiet.”

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is the first day of the rest of my life. I wouldn’t even recognize the scared and boring girl I was a year ago.

I’m following my dreams and I’m beyond excited about it!

mmm, tasty.

I made a really delicious, healthy, and inexpensive soup on Thursday night. Soup is a great thing to make because you can make a ton of it at once and store it in the freezer, to enjoy at a later time!

Kale & Mushroom soup

2 cups pre-cooked Brown Rice

1 bunch Kale

2 cups Baby Bella Mushrooms

1/2 of a Red Bell Pepper, diced

4-5 cloves Garlic, diced

1 Yellow Onion, diced

4 cups Vegetable Broth

2 Tbsp “Better Than Bouillon” Vegetable Base dissolved in 3 1/2 cups water

1 Tbsp Dried Basil

1 Tsp Rosemary

1 Tsp Parsley 

3/4 Tbsp Oregano

1 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes

1 Tsp Ancho Chili Powder (or regular chili powder)

 3 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

Olive oil, salt, and pepper

First, I made about two cups of brown rice, and set it aside. When making soup, it is best to pre cook the pasta or rice, adding it to the soup when you decide to eat it. Otherwise it becomes soggy.

Then, heat a good amount of olive oil in a medium-large soup pot over medium heat. Add your onions, garlic, red pepper, and a tbsp of salt and pepper. Make sure to have enough oil to coat the vegetables evenly. Add your basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, chili powder, and pepper flakes.

While the veggies are cooking, slice the mushrooms and tear the kale leaves from the stems. The stems can be discarded, and the leaves can be given a rough chop. While your kale and mushrooms may look extremely voluminous, they will cook down substantially. 

When the cooking veggies are tender, add your mushrooms and balsamic vinegar. Let this cook for a few minutes, until the veggies begin to look slightly caramelized.

Then you can add your kale. Once the kale is in the pot, add your 4 cups vegetable broth and vegetable bouillon, pouring it evenly over the kale. Stir this as best you can, for the kale is most likely taking up the majority of the room in the pot. 

Turn the heat to medium low and cover the mixture. Allow the soup to simmer for about 20 minutes, until the kale and the mushrooms have shrunk down.

Serve and enjoy!

making a delicious dinner on my day off!!

I am aiming for a creamy tomato & red pepper pasta bake…. will post a recipe and pictures later!